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Governmental Affairs

Being Involved Matters


IOMA has successfully engaged on a myriad of issues ranging from unemployment insurance and immigration reform to professional licensing and regulations coming from the Office of the Indiana State Chemist.  IOMA’s members have been appointed by Governors to sit on the Indiana Invasive Species Council and the Indiana Pesticide Review Board.  When a state senator filed legislation that would have allowed the State Nursery to unfairly compete with our private nurseries, we engaged and defeated the legislation multiple sessions in a row.  During the 2020 and 2021 legislative sessions, TCG provided IOMA a seat at the table when the legislature was considering civil penalty increases for pesticide violations.  What began as a problematic bill turned into legislation we endorsed because of the input from our industry.        

In the spring of 2020 when many similar businesses were being shut down in surrounding states, TCG worked with the Governor’s office to ensure that IOMA’s member businesses were deemed essential and could continue to operate in Indiana.  TCG’s Sentinel Newsletter was being updated multiple times every week to keep IOMA apprised of the latest executive orders and various local ordinances impacting our business operations.  

Click here to see the list of bills tracked by IOMA this session.

Christopher M. Gibson, Esq.

Stephen M. Wolff, Esq.


  • IOMA has retained governmental-affairs representation since first hiring The Corydon Group (TCG) in 2004.  IOMA’s members realize significant savings by sharing these professional fees compared to if they were to engage professional lobbyists on their own.  IOMA allows the industry to speak with a unified voice to lawmakers from all four corners of Indiana. 

    The following are some of the services TCG provides to IOMA:

    • Develop, maintain and execute strategies that elevate policy issues important to IOMA members
    • Review and analyze hundreds of bills filed every legislative session (almost 15,000 bills since 2004)
    • Provide a unified voice for IOMA’s members, their businesses, and most importantly, their Hoosier employees in front of Indiana policy makers 
    • Help prepare testimony and speak on behalf of IOMA in front of legislative committees
    • Provide weekly updates when the legislature is in session to IOMA’s Board of Directors on issues impacting our industry
    • Provide bi-weekly updates throughout the year regarding Indiana’s political landscape
    • Coordinate strategic political giving contributions on behalf of IOMA
    • Attend all IOMA board meetings to assist IOMA with strategic planning

A Unified Voice Representing Every Facet of the Outdoor Management Industry.

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