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 Why is the Indiana Green Industry Important to the US Economy? 

According to Purdue University’s latest update on The Economic Contributions of the Indiana Green Industrythe green industry remains an import contributor to the U.S. economy. 

The green industry is a vast and diverse sector that involves businesses engaged in:

  • production, distribution, and use of plants and related products and services
  • cultivating and utilizing landscape and floral crops
  • suppling equipment and materials
  • landscape design
  • installation
  • maintenance

Since the most recent survey conducted in 2013, the U.S. green industry has seen a growth of:

  • 17.3% in sales revenue
  • 16.2% in employment
  • 19.8% in GDP

At the regional level, the Midwest emerged as the leading contributor with 465,263 jobs and $73.8 billion in sales revenue.

In 2018, Indiana ranked 20th in the United States with:

  • $6.9 billion in output
  • 45,701 jobs
  • $3.8 billion in value added.

2018 Green Industry Job Contributions (total and direct)

  • Landscape architecture and services (total 27,510 and direct 15,393 jobs)
  • Stores (7,544 total and 4,052 direct jobs)
  • Wholesalers (5,030 total and 3,905 direct jobs)
  • Florists (2,272 total and 1,469 direct jobs)
  • Producers (1,947 total and 1,388 direct jobs)
  • Manufacturers (1,398 total and 323 direct jobs)

 Torres, Ariana. “Ho-257-w the Economic Contribution of the Indiana Green Industry.” The Economic Contribution of the Indiana Green Industry, June 2021,

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